Learn Mandarin Episode 2 - Transportation
Language, Mandarin Chinese Lessons

Learn Mandarin Chinese Episode #2: Transportation!

Learn how to say:

  • Bicycle → 单车 Dānchē
  • Car → 车 Chē
  • Bus → 公交车 Gōngjiāo chē
  • Subway → 地铁 Dìtiě
  • Airplane → 飞机 Fēijī

Watch below to follow along:

You are five words closer to becoming a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker! Did you know Mandarin is the largest language in the world when it comes to native speakers? Learning to speak, read, and write Mandarin will be a beneficial skill to have.

Keep watching our channel to increase your proficiency in Mandarin. These lessons are perfect for beginner Mandarin speakers or intermediate speakers who want to increase their vocabulary.

We hope you have fun learning to speak Mandarin Chinese one day at a time! Subscribe to our channel for more FREE Mandarin lessons coming soon. Thank you for watching! See you next time! 再见

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