Family, Career, Travel was conceived by thinking about our top three priorities in life and how to balance our time & decision-making around them. Defining what’s really important makes it easier to be productive and happy. Of course we have various other interests as well, but often those interests can directly tie into one of our three core priorities. For example, fitness is very important to me – I want to be healthy and strong even as I get older so that I can enjoy life to the fullest with my wife and son. So if Family is a priority for me, then I need to maintain my own physical health to create a positive outcome for that priority.

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Learn Mandarin Episode 4 - Electronics

Learn Mandarin Chinese Episode #4: Electronics!

Learn how to say: Cell Phone → 手机 Shǒujī Tablet → 平板 Píngbǎn Computer → 电脑 Diànnǎo Television → 电视机 Diànshì jī Printer → 打印机 Dǎyìnjī Watch below to follow along: You are five words closer to becoming a fluent Mandarin Chinese speaker! Did you know Mandarin is the largest language in the world when… Continue reading Learn Mandarin Chinese Episode #4: Electronics!